Thursday, June 20, 2013

Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review

Today I am going to be reviewing the new Mega Effects Mascara by Avon.  Avon is not a makeup brand that I normally wear, (actually this is the first product by Avon that I've tried) however while I was at work a few days ago one of my clients was an Avon rep and had commented on how long my eyelashes were. She said that Avon had gotten a new mascara in and it was a lot different from any mascara that she had tried or seen before. She also said that she would be curious to know my thoughts on this mascara so she brought me one to try out. 

Sorry for the crappy lighting again! This tube was fairly small, so I am not sure if this is a sample size or if this is the full size of the product. 

As you can see the brush for this mascara is very different and weird. It looks more like a paint brush than a mascara wand. To apply this mascara, you sort of just paint it on your lashes holding it upwards towards your eyelashes. It was kind of weird at first but after using this product a few times I was use to the brush. I am going to insert a close up picture of the brush so you can see it better. 
This is a better close up of the brush. My client had mentioned that the brush was a lot different but she didn't really know how to explain what it looked like. I was kind of surprised when I opened it up because I have not seen anything like this either, but I was really excited to try it out. Mascaras are one of my favorite makeup products and I love trying new ones. 

Here are photos of my eye without the mascara (left) and with one coat of the mascara (right). I only applied this to the top lashes in these pictures. 

Here is a picture with two coats of the mascara on the top lashes, and one coat on the bottom lashes.

Here is the final look with two coats and the rest of my eye makeup on. 

My thoughts on this mascara:
This mascara has a wetter formulation than I normally like in my mascaras. Sometimes when they are too wet, they make my eyelashes stick together. This one did that a little bit, but I was able to work with it and separate my lashes okay. From the way that this brush is, I didn't expect my lashes to stick together. Also sometimes after the mascara is opened for about a week or so they dry up a little bit and the formulation isn't so wet, which then I like the product better. So we will see if that happens to this one. 
I liked the length that this mascara gave my lashes, but it did not give my lashes very much volume or make them look thick and fuller. I tend to like mascaras better when they give my lashes really great fullness. 
One thing I did really like about this mascara is how it applied to my bottom lashes. I really liked the way they looked when I used this product on them. 
Overall, I did like this product despite the few issues that I had with it. I think it's a good product and it's worth trying out! This probably is not a mascara that I would purchase because there are other ones that I like better. I am happy I got to test this out and I hope this review helps anyone who has thought about trying this mascara!

Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you all enjoyed! 


  1. I saw this mascara and my first thought was WTF?! No way I'm going to purchase this, probably stab myself blind...

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. LOL that was the weirdest mascara I've ever used. I'm pretty sure that was the only time I used it too hahaha