Friday, July 21, 2017

Foodie Friday | The Prefect Weekend Breakfast

Smoothie are pretty much an everyday thing for me. 95% of the time, what I have for breakfast is a smoothie. They are fast and easy to make and you can pack them with super healthy goodness! But lately I've been obsessed with making Smoothie Bowls! These do take a little bit more time (especially if you like to decorate them pretty like I do, but that part is totally optional!) so they are prefect to make on weekends if during the week you don't have time! And p.s. It's kind of like sitting down and eating a bowl of fruity ice-cream!

For today's Foodie Friday post, in going to share my go to Smoothie Bowl recipe, however smoothie bowls can be made and topped with pretty much anything you like and have on hand!

What you'll need
-Frozen fruit of your choice. I used Bananas and a frozen berry mix. You can also add in some protein powder if you use it! You can also add in some greens if you like those in your smoothies. Spinach is a good one to use, you can't taste it, I promise!
-Milk of your choice, or water. I use Almond milk. If anyone here eats a lower calorie diet, almond milk has less calories than regular milk, or you can use water and it turns out the same consistency!
-Toppings of your choice. I use Kiwi, hemp seeds, chia seeds, dark chocolate, and granola.
I dont exactly measure any of these ingredients, I just add however much I think I'll need.

-Blend together your fruit and frozen fruit with a little bit of your liquid. You want the smoothie base to be a little bit thicker so it's not too watery in the bowl. If you don't have any frozen fruit, thrown some in the freezer the night before. If you mixture turns out too watery, put it back into your blender and add some more frozen fruit and blend again.
-Pour into a bowl and add your toppings.
It's that simple! Like I said before, if you don't want to, you don't need to decorate it pretty, just throw some toppings on and your good to go.

Some awesome toppings that I recommend-
-Granola! This one is a must for me. It gives nice crunch.
-Nuts and seeds. I like to use hemp and chia seeds in all my smoothies/smoothie bowls. You can use sliced almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds etc.
-Fresh fruit. I had kiwi on hand, and it gives a nice pretty color for them Instagram photos.
-Chocolate. This doesn't need explanation :)
-Coconut flakes or dried fruit.
-A scoop of peanut butter or nut butter.

I hope you all enjoyed this recipe, and I hope you try making smoothie bowls sometime!
What is your go to breakfast on the weekends?

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