Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Naked Heat | Review, Swatches, and Makeup Looks

I'm not going to lie, I went crazy after seeing the new Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. Everyone seemed to have mixed feelings about it, either they were excited or they weren't. I've been a fan of the Naked Palettes for years, and always get excited over the new UD releases. I don't use my naked palettes often any more, and can agree with many others when they say that there is better quality palettes out there. But I can honestly say, I think that the Naked Heat palette is the best naked palette yet. The. Best.  And forwarming, this post is going to be very picture heavy, and this review will be way too long and detailed will be pretty lengthy!

 What initially drew me to this palette was the color scheme, not the fact that it's a new naked palette. I'm obsessed with warm, reddish, orange, and rusty shades. It's what I wear on a daily basis, so of course I wanted to get my hands on it.

The packaging is nice, it's the same as the Naked Smoky palette (hard plastic with magnetic closure) , rather then the usually metal tin or cardboard like the first three. I like this packaging the best so far. I think that UD put a lot of thought into not only the packaging, but also the box that it came in.

The palette comes with a double ended brush. I think UD makes great brushes, so it's always nice to see them included in the palettes.

Here is photos of the palette without the flash (top) and with a flash (bottom). You get a nice mix of matte and shimmed shades, but what's different about this palette is that you get MORE mattes than shimmers. Usually the naked palettes only have 2-3 mattes. (first 3), and the smoky has equal mattes/shimmers. This palette has 7 matte shades and 4 shimmers. It also includes a satin off white shade that is mostly matte but has a tiny bit of sheen to it (think the first shade in the naked basics palette).

And here are swatches with and without the flash.
From left to right (top photos)- Ounce, Chaser, Sauced, Low Blow, Lumbre, He Devil
(bottom photos)- Dirty Talk, Scorched, Cayenne, En Fuego, Ashes, Ember

Formula, Pigmentation, and all that Jazz
Lets talk about about the quality these shadows before I share the makeup looks. The pigmentation is amazing and these shadows have really great formulation to them. These are the best quality shadows that I've ever seen in a Naked palette before. The matte shades are so creamy and blend out amazingly. They remind me of how great the matte shades in the naked basics palettes are, especially the Ultimate Naked Basics. The shimmer shades as also amazing. They apply so well with a brush or your finger. They also foil really well when using a wet brush.

Makeup Looks
I found it easy to create a ton of different makeup looks with this palette. You can create a natural/neutral look using the first few matte shades, or you can go all the way to super smokey with using the right end of the palette. The shades Lumbre (second to last on top photos), Dirty talk (first on bottom photos), and Scorched (second on bottom photos) all look similar when looking at them in the palette, but they are all completely different when used on the eyes in a makeup look.

Here is the most natural of the makeup looks that I created, and this has been my go to makeup look lately.
I used Chaser as my transition shade. I used Sauced and Low Blow in my crease, and Cayenne in the outer corner and to deepen the crease. I used Ounce all over my lid and under my brow bone, and Cayenne on the lower lash line. 

For this look I use Chaser as a transition, Sauced and Low Blow in my crease. He Devil and Cayenne to deepen my crease, and Dirty Talk all over my lid, with Ounce as my brow bone highlight, and Cayenne on the lower lash line. 

This next one is my favorite look that I created with this palette so far. 
I used Chaser for transition, Low Blow in my crease, Cayenne and En Fuego to deepen my crease, and Lumbre all over my lid. En Fuego on the lower lash line. I think Lumbre is my favorite shade in the palette. 

And for this last one I used Sauced and Low Blow as a transition/crease shade, He Devil to deepen my crease, and Cayenne and En Fuego in the outer corner. I used Ember on the outer half of my lid, and Scorched on the first half. I used Ember on the lower lash line. 

My Overall Thoughts
-Overall I think this is an amazing palette, and like I said It's my favorite naked palette yet. I also think its the best quality of them all. The pigmentation is great, the formula is buttery and smooth, and they blend really well. 
-I love all of the shades, and I think they work well with my green eyes to make them stand out. That's probably my favorite thing about the palette. 
-I love the fact that there is more matte than shimmer shades.
-If you are thinking about purchasing this palette, I definitely recommend it! Its definitely worth the money!

Have you picked up the Naked Heat palette yet? What are your thoughts on it?

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