Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lush Tea Tree Water Toner Review

Hello! A few months ago I purchased a Tea Tree Toner from Lush and have been meaning to do a review on this product for quite some time now! The great thing about Lush is that you can try samples of almost anything in their store before you purchase it! I got a sample of this toner so I could test it out and I knew I had to buy a bottle of it next time I went in there. I have been using this toner for a few months and I have never used anything like this product before. 

What this product is
Oily, dull, tired and spotty skin brightens up with a routine spritz of Tea Tree Water. Antibacterial tea tree, juniperberry and grapefruit waters keep skin clear of blemishes and balance skin tone. Light and refreshing Tea Tree Water reduces redness and clears excess oil without drying so you can put your best face forward.


  • Tea tree that T-zone: Particularly effective for oily, combination or blemish-prone skin. Alcohol-free: Alcohol can be drying and irritating on sensitive skin, so we've ditched it for gentler, more effective options. Effective against blemishes:Antibacterial and antifungal tea tree helps banish imperfections.

This product comes in two different sizes. I bought the bottle that is 3.3 fl oz for $9.95 but you can get a    8.4 fl oz for $21.95. Even though it's a better deal for the larger bottle, I ended up getting the smaller size because I didn't want to spend over $20 for a toner. This toner is a lot more expensive than ones you can get at the drugstore but it's really worth every penny. I really love this product and it does wonderful things for my skin, however, I do not think this is something that I will repurchased every time I run out. I will repurchase it eventually, but I will have to wait until I feel like splurging a little. 

Why I love this toner

This is the most refreshing thing I have ever put on my skin. It feels so nice and it's really gentle so it doesn't dry out or irritate my skin. I have really sensitive skin so sometimes toners can be too harsh and make my skin feel really dry (even though my skin is oily) which can irritate it and make it feel tight and uncomfortable. This also removes any excess makeup and oil really well and leaves my skin feeling really clean. 
Tea Tree is antibacterial so it helps fight acne as well, which is really great because I have slightly acne prone skin. I have had fewer breakouts since using this product as well! I still use my Neutrogena Toner as well, because I am dreading the day that this product runs out! 
If any of you have oily or acne prone skin then this is a toner that I highly recommend, even though it's on the more expensive side. If you ever are near a Lush store, go and pick up a sample of this to try out! 

Have you tried this Lush product before? If so, leave your thoughts on it in the comments! 


  1. I'm glad you posted this! For some reason I have a little breakout on the right side of my face for over a week now! I'm thinking it's because of allergies thats usually when my skin acts up. This sounds like it's definitely worth looking into and trying. I've read so many good reviews on Lush products. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lush products are so amazing! I've loved everything I've tried from there. If you can go get a sample!

  2. I've never tried any lush products, I'm afraid if I do I will be addicted! I have been thinking of trying this out though, I haven't found a toner that doesn't make my face feel weird and sticky!

    1. You will definetly get addicted! I'm so obsessed with everything there lol! This toner is so great I'm sure you would love it!