Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Makeup Revolution | Matte Powder Blush in Nude

Hello!! I'm excited about today's post because I'm going to be talking about a blush from a brand that I haven't tried before, Makeup Revolution! 

Makeup Revolution is a brand from the UK, but they have started selling it at Ulta (I believe sometime last year?). I checked my Ulta when I first heard about this, but they weren't carrying anything. I made a trip there a few weeks ago and saw a display and was thrilled! I picked up one of their matte blushes, and I kind of regret not getting anything else. I definitely need to pick up more soon!

The best part about Makeup Revoluton- they are super affordable! 

The shade I picked up is in Nude and it's a pretty peachy shade that's still pretty neutral. These blushes are only $5!

They are very pigmented, so this definitely has to be used with a light hand. The formula is smooth, but it kind of applies a tiny bit patchy. So basically, you need to use it with a light hand, but also build up the color so it's not patchy. I'm not sure if it's just this shade that does this, but it's definitely not something that would stop me from purchasing more!

At first glance I kind of thought this looked very similar to my Kat Von D shade and light blush in Mickey and Mallory. The packaging is pretty identical apart from the writing on the front (and the disappointing fact that the KVD blush pan is all wobbly but it's ok since I love it so, so much). However, the products it's self aren't identical. Even though the color in the pan looks almost the same, the MUR blush is a lot more peachy toned and pigmented. The KVD blush is lighter and not as pigmented, but that isn't a bad thing. I like how the KVD isn't too pigmented so you can build up the color nice, get a nice and natural cheek look, and it can never be overdone. The swatch of the KVD one above is just of the darker side, but I always mix the two shades when applying it.

I'm not necessarily trying to compare the two products, but I just wanted to show them both side by side since they look similar and point out that they are not.  

Overall Thoughts
-For $5 this is definitely a good blush. Is it the best? No, but I still think it's worth trying for the price! 
-It's very pigmented so be careful if you don't want clown cheeks. It can be annoy when it applies patchy, but that could just be me and how I'm applying it. Like I said, it can be fixed by using a light hand and building up the color. 
-I like the color, but it's not my favorite for my skin tone. I can't exactly describe it, but it almost looks too peachy on me. Not really orange peachy though. I know, I'm confusing. I just wish it was a little more neutral like the KVD one. 
-Also be careful if you order these online from Ulta's website. The photo of the Nude shade on there a lot different than it actually is. Online it looks very neutral and mauvey, and I did notice another one on there didn't look like it did in person. 

I definitely want to pick up more of these blushes, and some more of their products! 

Have you tried Makeup Revolution before? What's you're favorite from them?

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