Thursday, June 16, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hello! This week went by so fast, and I can't believe there's only two more weeks of June. Seriously where has the time gone? I cannot wait to do my monthly June lifestyle post this month, I have so much to share!
I've been super excited because I finally have a good blog posting schedule down. I've been posting Monday-Friday, with 1-2 videos a week. I'm going to shoot for two videos every week, this week I only had one video so I need to get my butt in front of the camera and film, film, film. Give me some video requests! What do you guys want to see?

This week I'm going to share Lifestyle Favorites, but first I wanted to thank you all for your sweet comments last week in my 3rd Blogiversary post on Friday where I shared my favorite things about blogging!l

Favorite Purchase || I've been eyeing shirts from Ivory Ella for months now. They recently came out with tanks and I knew I needed one. They are super cute for summer, I'm obsessed with elephants, and a profit of their sales goes to Save the Elephants and other causes. 
This is the one I picked out. I liked the detailing on the back the best out of the ones they had. I got it in the mail yesterday and I'm super impressed. It fits really well! 

Favorite Creation || I've had this plain canvas tote for so long and I've been wanting to decorate it. I got some fabric paint and painted a sun and moon design on it that I found on Pinterest. I was really pleased on how it came out. It's not 100% perfect, but hey- it was my first time doing something like this! This may or may not be a sneak peak of something else that I'll be talking about in a later post ;) 

Favorite Moment || If you don't know how big of a nerd I am by now, then I don't know where you've been! The new Warcraft movie released last Friday, but the theater near my house had some early Thursday showings that we were able to go to. Me and hubby have been waiting for this for so long! And it was super good in my opinion, and then I had to renew my World of Warcraft game subscription, and was slightly tempted to make an Orc character. 
And there's me being nerdy in my For the Horde shirt. I have a ridiculous amount ld game, anime, and fandom tshirts. If you ever come to my house, chances are its all you'll see me wear. 

Favorite YouTuber || Do you guys watch Marissa Lace on YouTube? If not, you totally should! She's super inspiring and I just love her. She talks so much about how important self love and happiness is. She did a 30 day vegan challenge that was super fun to watch, shes into yoga and meditation, and I've been super inspired by her! 

Favorite Quote || I've said this before but I love finding quotes that really make me feel something, touch my heart, and speak to me because sometimes they are exactly how I feel but don't know how to express into words. I found this one on Pinterest, and I fell in love. 
What are some of your favorites this week? Let me know in the comments! I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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