Monday, June 6, 2016

May Favorites + Flops

Hello! I hope you all had a great weekend!

I'm starting off this week here on the blog with my favorites and flops for May! I have a ton of other posts planned for this week and I'm super excited. I feel so organized and it's a great feeling! 

You can click HERE to see my May favorites and flops on my YouTube channel! I hope you enjoy the video!

*Also on a huge side note, I'm thinking abut staring a seperat Instagram account for my blog and YouTube channel where I'll just be posting beauty and makeup related things. What do you guys think? Has it helped you grow your blog and channel if you have done that? I'm a little hesitant because I do post some makeup and beauty things on Instagram already, and I have a good handful of followers so I'm not sure that I want to "start over". Please don't think I'm stating that about the followers because that's all I care about, because that's definitely not how I mean it! I just mean I've had my Instagram for years already and since it's my favorite social media, I'm really attached to it. I also have a lot of non beauty lovers from friends and such who follow me, and I don't want to bombard them with makeup photos, etc. Let me know your guys thoughts!!*

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