Monday, August 3, 2015

July Lifestyle Post + Document Your Life Video

Hello! Happy August Everyone! 
July pretty much flew by like every other month seems to do. 

I honestly didn't take too may photos this month other than on the 4th of July (that seems so long ago!) and when my husband and I took a week off to go to Northern Michigan. I did however take a lot of video clips so there will be much more in my DYL video!

Fourth of July was spent at my in laws house. We went out on my boat and most of my time was spent hanging out with my husband and my brother. 

Last week my husband and I went up to the upper peninsula of Michigan and saw Tahquamonen Falls and the Pictured Rocks on Lake Surperior. I haven't been to the U.P since I was very little so I was excited. Northern Michigan is very beautiful and I seem to forgot and take forgranted what a beautiful state that I live in. If you follow my Instagram, then you've probably seen a lot of these pictures already!

Here is the falls we went to. We also ate at the brewery that is there too. 
Here's some photos from the pictures rocks. They were very pretty, however we did a boat tour of them and let me tell you. I felt so sea sick on the boat it was almost not enjoyable. Ugh!

Before we went to the UP, we stayed in mackinaw city and had this awesome view from our hotel room on Lake Huron. 

Our hotel room in the UP had a great view of Lake Surperior. 
Here's another of Lake Surperior where we left to go see the Pictured Rocks. 

Coming back from from the UP, we stopped at a random beach on Lake Michigan on the side of the road. It was random and fun and hubby jumped into the water. 

In Petoskey we again saw Lake Michigan, had some awesome lunch and coffee from my favorite coffee place and then headed to Charlevoix. Petoskey is one of my favorite cities in Michigan. 

In Charlevoix we saw this awesome castle and gardens and then went to the beach on Lake Michigan!

I made a picture frame collage from some postcards, pictures I took, and little things and tickets ect from our vacation. I make one for every vacation we take together!

Sorry that was so picture heavy from my vacation! The rest of July was just spent relaxing and going back to work.

This month in August im going to spend sometime working on myself, and joining my friend Elle from ellesees in her #jals challenge! She is working on herself and getting healthy and so am I! Some of my goals are to get back into fitness and yoga, and eating healthy. I'm trying to stop eating meat and dairy so that will be my main focus this month. 

Here is my document your life video, and I hope you all enjoyed this peek into my life! 


  1. #jals challenge sounds familiar, please remind me about it again? I swear I'm going senile......

    And I love how your create a picture frame collage for all your vacations, Ashley! Why did I never do any of that? My husband and I took quite a few vacations before the little one arrive which I don't think we'll be doing much until he is much older.

    I have so much respect for you for trying to stop eating meat and diary, I dare say it's impossible for me to stop and I think my husband would kick my butt if I ever try. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. JALS is just a little something that elle does every month and each month she picks a different thing to work on and accomplish!

      And the picture frames are so fun to make! I've only done 3 of them so far because we don't vacation much lol!!

      And ugh it's so hard to stop with the meat and dairy! But thank you for saying that because a lot of people are weird about it and like to make rude comments!

    2. I never understood that to be honest, why must others criticize because someone wants to be vegetarian or vegan. It's their own personal choice and we should respect it. It's the same the other way round too, I have seen some really vicious vegetarians and vegans being downright nasty towards meat eaters. :-/

    3. I've seen it the other way around too, which I almost think is worse in a way! I would never be like that to anyone so it makes me sad when people look at my funny when I say I don't like meat lol!!

  2. thanks for sharing your funny moments

  3. I saw all these awesome pics on IG! It looks like you had a fun July Ashley and the collage you made is so cute!

  4. you always have the best months! love your month in reviews :)

  5. I always enjoy watching your Document Your Life videos Ashley! The love between you and your husband is so awesome. And he is so funny! I bet he makes you laugh all the time. I love the area you visited. Those waterfalls and the landscape in general are so awesome. Awesome video!

    1. Aww thank you Kim! I'm so glad you enjoy the videos! They are so fun to make! And yes I love ago visit all of those pretty places!

  6. Sounds like you had a great time on your trip!