Thursday, June 30, 2016

Strobe Cosmetics Eyeshadow Review | Druid, Azura, and Sea of Ghosts

A little over a month ago while I was scrolling through my Instagram news feed and I came across a post by Trendmood of some gorgeous eyeshadows and swatches from a brand I've never heard of- Strobe Cosmetics. They peaked my interest, so I went on to check out Strobe Cosmetic's Instagram and my brain went into full impulse mode and I knew I had to purchase some of their shadows.

A little bit about Strobe Cosmetics
"Strobe Cosmetics is a 100% cruelty free and vegan cosmetic line; offering super-saturated pigmentation through a full line of eyeshadow, glitter, and more (Coming 2016). 
Formulating our own cosmetics is profoundly important to us. Every product we create is formulated and tested by our privately owned lab, confirming the formula's quality, pigmentation, and longevity. Our lab is privately owned by Strobe Cosmetics, we do not go through any manufacturers or private labeling companies. That is what sets Strobe apart from other brands on the market; we have complete and total control over what goes into our products. "

These shadows are $6.50 a piece and are slightly bigger than Mac and Makeup Geek shadows. I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo comparing the size. If anyone wants to see what the look like side by side to compare I'll post a photo on snap chat, so let me know! The three colors I picked out are (from right to left) Sea of Ghosts, Druid, and Azura. 

These shadows have some awesome and crazy pigmentation. I could not believe the quality of them for how affordable they are. The colors are super intense, and probably the most intense eyeshadows that I own!

From left to right- Sea of Ghosts, Druid, and Azura. I'm going to give a small description of each shadow and show the makeup look that I did using it, and then I will give my final thoughts at the end. 

Sea of Ghosts
I can't even describe the beauty of this shadow. It's describes as "multi chrome shadow with gold green and blue shifts. It's a very complex color; its base shade is medium toned blue, but it shifts to gold and green duo-chrome shimmer finish)". Everything about this shadow is stunning. The name is intriguing and alluring, just like the color of it is. I don't own anything like this, and everything about this shade drew me in. 
This one was a bit difficult to apply, but it's explained on the website- 'Please be aware that due to the larger paticle size of this shadow it may result in more fallout than our regular shadows. We suggest patting the shadow on rather than "brushing" or "rubbing" '. There definitely was a lot of fall out when I applied this, but a wet brush, patting motions, and using my finger helped a lot. And since it's so stunning, all was forgiving and forgot about. 
I'm planning on doing a video tutorial using this shadow very soon!

Druid- this one is described as ' A warm earthy brown base with an intense green/ teal duochrome shift'. This is one of those awesome shadows that look different depending on which type/color shadow base that you use. 
Here's some swatches using different bases. I was super drawn to this one too because 1. The name (Druid is one of my favorite classes to play in world of Warcraft- yes I'm a dork), and 2.  It just looked SO earthy and beautiful. I wanted to feel like a woodland fairy/elf who lived in a tree (what?).
I used a very green base for this and loved how it turned out. I did a FOTD post on this look a few weeks ago (click HERE if you haven't seen it!)

Azura- An aqua blue with an intense teal/ green duochrome. I was afraid this was going to be really similar to Makeup Geek's Mermaid, but it is a lot more teal toned and intense, and mermaid is more bluelish. 

I really love how this one turned out too. For the shadow base for this one, I used colourpop's Belladonna Lily with Azura on top and then a mix of Mac shadows for the crease and lash line. 

My Overall Thoughts
-I am so impressed with these shadows and am craving more, it's ridiculous. These are so intense and pigmented and I am completely obsessed. 
-They are super afforable and decent sized. They are creamy and blend well. The formula is awesome and they apply nice. I did mention above that Sea of Ghosts was hard to work with, but that's warned on their website because of the large particles but since it's so stunning, it wasn't a huge deal for me. 

I do wish these fit into my Mac palettes, which is kind of a love hate thing. I love how they are larger in size, but I don't own a z palette so it's a bummer. I hate having random single shadows (besides Coloupop because their packaging is good), but I did save the little plastic cases these came in so those will work for now. 

If anyone hasn't tried these shadows and are interested, I highly recommend checking them out! I already have a list of other ones that I want to purchase!

I'm definitely going to do a video tutorial using Sea of Ghosts because the photos just don't even do it justice of how stunning and unique it is. If anyone wants to see a tutorial on the other two, let me know! 

Have you tried Strobe Cosmetics? Which makeup look was your favorite? 

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